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Munthe-Kaas is back behind the wheel!

John Moore on 23rd September 2020

Tobias Munthe-Kaas was one of the notable absentees from the first round of the UIM F2 World Championship in Lithuania last weekend due to Norway travel restrictions and quarantine procedures, however, he has set his eyes on another prize, offshore class 3C racing in his home country!

Munthe-Kaas will be driving a Mercury powered Twister 24 cat formally raced by Fredrik Groth Fyrö.

Hans Martin Hansen, the boat’s owner will be co-driving until he can complete three races to take over the duties at the wheel.

Munthe-Kaas told me today:

I will race with Hans at Hankø this coming weekend and at Tvedestrand the weekend after.

We have performed two tests in the Oslofjord outside Nesodden close to where I live.

Hopefully we will have another test before the racing this weekend.

The pit area for the first event will be based at Hankø Marina which is owned by Atle Staff, a former world champion offshore racer and there are expected to be five entrants in class 3C.

Frode Sundsdal’s Racingfabrikken will be providing a live stream of the race on their Facebook page.

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