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Munthe-Kaas takes Match Racing win in Tonsberg re-start of the sport

John Moore on 7th August 2020

With a pandemic raging throughout the world, Frode Sundsdal and his partner Joyce Christine Andersen have somehow managed to put on a powerboat Racing event this weekend in Tonsberg, Norway.

This was the first time that UIM F2 boats have been used in competition since the final race of the 2019 world championship in Abu Dhabi last December.

Since then, the world has changed, people have lost their lives and jobs.

Sports, hobbies and passtimes have also suffered with blank calendars replacing hours of summer competition and fun.

But tonight in the oldest city in Norway, it nearly felt like the good old days had returned as the sound of Mercury Opimax motors once again reverberated around Tonsberg’s fjord.

Frode Sundsdal

First up was the Speed Run which showed that Frode Sundsdal’s race engineers, Michael Werner and Lee Allen had extracted the maximum power from his motor. The Norwegian’s speed was 2.80 kph quicker than that of Sweden’s Johan Österberg.

Third fastest was double UIM F2 European champion, Edgaras Riabko with a 176.00 Kph speed.

Speed Run – Top Three

Frode Sundsdal 182.8 kph
Johan Österberg 180.00 kph
Edgaras Riabko 176.00 Kph

Edgaras Riabko

The match racing was won by Tobias Munthe-Kaas. In an all Norway final, Sundsdal got the better start but the younger driver made up time on the bottom end of the course.

Last year’s winner, Bimba Sjoholm took the third place beating off Christian Carlsen in the play-off race.

Bimba Sjoholm

Match Racing – Top Three

1st) Tobias Munthe-Kaas
2nd) Frode Sundsdal
3rd) Bimba Sjoholm

Match Racing – Top Three

In powerboat racing’s answer to Project Re-Start, it was great to see the boats back on the water and the organiser’s that had to jump through hoops to put on the event.

The action continues tomorrow with GT15, GT30, P750 and of course UIM F2 racing.

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