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No rematch

Frode Sundsdal on 16th August 2022

The Portuguese Powerboat President, Paulo Ferreira announced in social media on Sunday night that they would make an appeal against the decision of the jury in Lithuania where Benavente got disqualified from 3rd position in the 2nd round of the UIM F2 World-championship.  

Duarte Benavente spoke to PRW this morning on his way home.

He said ;

“I had an fantastic race with Stefan Hagin, Unfortunately I had a problem while overtaking Uvis Slakteris, and I took out a turnbouy, and got disqualified. I protested the decision in Lithuania, and lost, thats it. I dont agree, but I have decided that I will not make an appeal. My President and Federation is supporting me, thats great, but my focus is now on the two last UIM F2 rounds in Portugal, then the UIM F1 round in Italy»

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