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On this day last year…..

John Moore on 15th December 2019

On this day last year, Shaun Torrente won the 2018 UIM F1H2o World Championship in Sharjah, in what he describes as, ‘The greatest day of my professional life’.

Torrente, who narrowly missed out on defending the XCAT Racing World Championship in Dubai yesterday, will now focus on capturing the F1H2o title for a second successive year.

He said today:

In six days another year of hard work gives us the ability to be the first American in history to win the F1H2o World Championship back to back.

No matter the result my life has forever been changed and it has been humbling and my honor to be called World Champion for the past year.

The fact I get to live my dream is not lost on me, I am forever grateful to my family and people that have set me straight when I needed it, picked me up when I have been down, and sacrificed for this pursuit.

I am doing my best to enjoy the ride more this year, to be in the moment and your positive vibes are greatly appreciated.

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