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Powerboat P1 set for Labuan

John Moore on 20th January 2018

The Prime Minister of Labuan, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has welcolmed the news that P1 AquaX and Superstock will be competing in the federal territory of Malaysia reports the Borneo Bulletin.

The Labuan Grand Prix of the Sea will be backed by the Labuan Development Foundation, Labuan Marine Motorsports Malaysia Limited and Yin Fu – Labuan Investment Corporation and is to be held annually for at least five years.

He commented on the proposed events:

We are fortunate to have Powerboat P1 which will help Labuan exhibit more comprehensive sea sports activities. The Labuan Grand Prix of the Sea will be an annual event, with an AquaX race scheduled for this year and a Superstock competition next year.

I can imagine Powerboat P1 becoming a major attraction, gaining widespread international media coverage and helping to reinforce the rebranding of Labuan as an island renowned for extreme sports.

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