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Race World Offshore to provide for additional classes

John Moore on 11th March 2019

Race World Offshore’s Larry Bleil and Rodrick Cox are eagerly awaiting to see if their ‘Request For Proposal’, to run this year’s week of racing at Key West has been accepted by the city later this month.

In the meantime, it has been a busy period for Race World Offshore and has seen them opening up their competition classes and looking to accommodate international race teams this season.

Race World Offshore founder Bleil started the series with a rule configuration of only closed canopied boats and the inaugural season last year proved successful with those rules and 2 events staged.

Their race at Dunkirk, New York was well received and Cox, Race World Offshore’s Chief Operating Officer explained:

Dunkirk’s course layout brings the boats into the harbor for a pass by the fans and back out into Lake Erie.

The pier at Dunkirk became synonymous with RWO events; a crowd pleaser with thrilling action.

With regard to their rules, the organiser has received requests from race teams to allow an expansion of their class rules and Race World Offshore has responded, Bleil said:

We are going to provide for additional classes, including open boats and other engine configurations.

Professional classes need to be at least 5 boats of a like configuration to make a race.

We’ll consider fewer, but from our business perspective and in fairness to the other race classes, we believe 5 boats is the right number.


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