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A recipe for success? Carr, Curtis and Sinclair enter the Cowes Torquay Cowes

John Moore on 12th May 2016

1One boat and crew entered into this year’s Cowes Classic has certainly captured the imagination.

To understand why, look at the ingredients that form this entry.

The boat is a 1985, 46′ aluminium mono hull, built in the Cougar Marine yard in North Miami.

It was originally ordered and built for Ben Kramer, a hard charging US Offshore competitor who was later imprisoned for ordering the assassination of powerboat designer, builder and racer Don Aronow.

The hull was then raced in the States during 1986 by Tim Casulli under the name of Maxon.

30 years later she is being totally re rigged by Offshore Racing Services, LLC of Orlando, Florida where twin detuned Mercury 1650’s are being ‘shoe horned’ into the stern.

2The rigging is being overseen by the boat’s Throttle Man for the Cowes Torquay Cowes, none other than 7 times UIM Class 1 World Champion and Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Steve Curtis.

If the ingredients weren’t sweet enough, add Richard Carr as the driver, a larger than life entrepreneur, who has a love affair with the race, having sponsored and competed in it.

Include Paul Sinclair as navigator, a former UIM Class 3D World Champion and you have a ‘culinary delight’ for every Offshore Racing Fan.

If they win this year, it’s probably fair to say the bars and clubs in Cowes on the night of Sunday 4th September will be really rather pleased.

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