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Records Fall In Bermuda

John Moore on 19th August 2019

The 2019 Rubis Around the Island Powerboat Race was run in ideal conditions yesterday, allowing for 2 new records to be set.

David Selley and Scott Barnes completed the course in their Evinrude powered Phantom 19g in 50 minutes 19 seconds, which gave them the A Class win and record time.

Selley’s brother Mark, racing with Jordan Fletcher, circumnavigated the island in their Mercury powered Ocke Mannerfelt hull in 43 minutes 52 seconds.

This was good enough for the B Class victory and record time.

Chad Sutherland and Terrance Rance won C Class in another of Ocke Mannerfelt’s ‘Bat Boat’ designs while Steven Eversley and Brandon Franks took S Class honours with an impressive 34:01.

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