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Records set in California

John Moore on 14th October 2020

World Speed Records were set last Saturday, October 10th, when Nigel Hook and Jay Johnson set the UIM world record for fastest time around Catalina Island from the Huntington Beach Pier at 1 hour 19 minutes 28 seconds, in Lucas Oil 77.

With an average speed of 84.941 mph and a top speed of 129.23 mph on the 112 mile course, this joint record with APBA now stands for the 30-50ft class.

Also competing for their own records were Chris Reindl and Leigh Ann Bauman in their 24ft Reindl Powerboats, LLC in the 30ft and Under class.

Their official UIM/APBA records now stands at 1hr, 57min, 40seconds with an average speed of 57.365 mph.

Speaking with Nigel Hook after the race, he reflected on his run:

A terrific and classic event and of course we’re ecstatic to establish the new, revived Rum Run Ocean Cup record!

I had forgotten how challenging the Pacific was, It was surprisingly difficult sea conditions, ever changing wave patterns getting to and from and circumventing Catalina island.

My admiration is for Chris and Leigh Ann in the 24’ Bat Boat as they set an incredible time in their class.

After expressing his admiration for his driver, Leigh Ann – A realtor from the Ozarks and newly minted boat racing record holder – Chris stated:

The course was fantastic and racing around the island was beautiful.

Leigh Ann did a fantastic job, although halfway to Catalina she wondered out loud if there were sharks bigger than our boat!

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