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Riabko – ‘2020 UIM F2 World Championship event in Kaunas is 50/50’

John Moore on 18th December 2019

Following the news yesterday that the organisers of the Tønsberg Båtrace announced that their event next year will not host a round of the UIM F2 World Championship, I have been told today that the proposed event in Kaunas, Lithuania isn’t a sure-fire thing.

Edgaras Riabko, has organised four UIM F2 events in Lithuania in two years, two European Championships and two rounds of the World Championship.

The financial strain on the double UIM F2 European Champion has been immense and he told me today:

We are working on hosting a round of the World Championship in Kaunas during next September, but it’s 50/50 and we can only confirm that in March or April of next year.

We are once again having to secure the funding from local sources and are not receiving any help from outside.

Riabko has a real passion for the sport and deserves every support to enable him to host another world class event.

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