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Robin Hurst sadly passed away

Frode Sundsdal on 16th August 2022

It is with great sadness that i learned of the Passing yesterday evening of one of my Powerboat racing heroes said Jason Mantripp in a post on social media.

Jason Mantripp posted this tribute on his Facebook profile, and we have his blessing to share it.


Robin Hurst was a big influence to me with his very excitable commentating skills. Robin believed in me as a commentator when i was at a young age and gave me some great opportunities commentating at his race events.

He continued ;

i was lucky to be his lap scorer as well as share the mIc with him. A couple of highlights was commentating on Robin only a few years ago when he took to the water in his last ever race. Another was sharing the commentary box with Bob Brister and Robin at F1 in Cardiff. sitting on my right was Bob laid back and calm as that was his style whilst Robin was bouncing off the walls describing the action. He always made a race exciting. Of more recent years i was lucky to have him commentate on the 2018 European Championships and i told him i was hot favourite to win. Robin milked this information for all it was worth and gave me good exposure all weekend to which we finished 7th.


I was also lucky enough to have Robin as a guest on my Mantripp Meets live stream show and although we struggled with technology  Robin made time for me and never complained was worth the wait as he gave us all an in depth look into his life around powerboat racing. Just a few weeks ago i asked Robin if he would share MC duties at our Bristol 50 reunion to which he was delighted to do for us.


Robin showed us all that he had not lost any of his charm and cheekiness. It was a pleasure sharing our breakfast table with him on both days and to also celebrate powerboat racing at the docks in which he played a big part. I am pleased i got to thank him for what he had done for me in my early days in the sport and also i am pleased Robin got the recognition he deserved at our Bristol 50 event. My heart goes out to Hilda and all of Robins family and friends within our sport. He was a one off and will be deeply missed. Thank you Robin for the “sensational” Memories .At the end of the video we have some of Robins final few words behind the Mic. Video thanks to Ryan Prewer

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