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Rouen 24 in doubt?

John Moore on 6th February 2021

As if it wasn’t difficult enough to organise a powerboat race during a global pandemic, the Rouen Yacht Club are hitting major obstacles in trying to run the 57th Rouen 24 in June this year.

The club had been waiting for months to get approval from the Town Hall to run this year’s race after initial discussions in August of last year sounded favourable.

However, last month they received a bombshell letter stating that (translated and abbreviated):

The Métropole Rouen Normandie, declared a state of climate emergency on December 14.

Taking into account this situation as well as our social-ecological ambition, we can only support the 24-hour motor-boating event if fully carbon-free engines are used.

The Rouen Yacht Club replied immediately and stated that they were obviously dismayed by the decision, although as yet, they have not heard back.

They have posted today that they wish to continue to be constructive, proactive and positive when dealing with their partners and will update when they have more news.

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