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Ryan’s Record attempts

John Moore on 19th May 2017

John Ryan’s UIM Marathon Allblack Racing team are going after eleven offshore ocean endurance long distance and speed records over the next 3 years.

First on the list will be the Cork – Fastnet – Cork attempt over the weekend of June 3 – 4.

The team which includes Philip Fitzgibbon and Denis Dillon, will be starting their first run from the oldest yacht club in the world, The Royal Cork.

Having partnered with Elliot Brown Watches, Allblack Racing will prove the reliability and performance of the timepieces by strapping one to the bow of the Allblack SL44 hull during the attempt.

Ryan’s reliability of extracting corks from bottles is without question, whether he has extracted the first of eleven records on his return to Cork could be down to the Atlantic swells over that weekend.

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