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Schuft set for Tonsberg

John Moore on 24th July 2017

When Simone Schuft crashed out of the Sunday morning UIM F2 practice in Antwerp, the main concern was for her safety.

Once it was confirmed that the German lady driver was all okay, her team manager, Gordon Cook stared with disbelief at her stricken Moore hull floating down the Scheldt. 

Cook explained today:

Our boat was upside down in the sea water, being taken by the current for around for 2 hours.
It was just ridiculous!

Gordon Cook is never one to be beaten, today his team are repairing the UIM F2 hull back in England.

Simone is well and upbeat, the boat will be repaired and race ready for when we depart for Norway next Wednesday.

Paul Mcnamara will be carrying out the hull repairs and his message for Simone today was:

Fear not Cinderella, you shall go to the ball!

The next race on the UIM F2 calendar is Tonsberg, Cook concluded:

It will be good to go to a well organised race, at least I won’t witness my boat floating off towards the horizon again!

Photo: Mike Powell

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