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Seven borders and still going

John Moore on 16th September 2020

Duarte Benavente and Sami Seliö have just crossed seven borders and driven fifty hours to compete in the first round of the 2020 UIM F2 World Championship in Lithuania.

The veteran racers checked into their hotel based in Kaunus this afternoon and gave me a defiant message:

We are here to support our sport of powerboat racing!

Benavente from Portugal and Seliö from Finland who will be racing under the UAE flag this weekend with Team Sharjah can’t wait to hit the water.

However, Benavente is an old pro in a F2 boat, Seliö is more reserved:

UIM F2 is much different than I am used to in F1H2o, I did a race back in 2016…

The two time F1H2o world champion reflected:

It was pretty crazy!

Crazy or not, Seliö will be up against not only Benavente, but 8 other teams that have made the long journey to Lithuania.

2020 UIM F2 Grand Prix of Lithuania

SWE2Johan ÖsterbergMolgaardMercury 200 XS
GBR3 Owen JelfBaBaMercury 200 XS
GBR4Colin JelfMolgaardMercury 200 XS
SWE11Bimba SjöholmMolgaardMercury 200 XS
UAE17Sami SeliöBaBaMercury 200 XS
LTU41 Edgaras RiabkoDACMercury 200 XS
POR45 Duarte BenaventeMooreMercury 200 XS
Uvis SlakterisMolgaardMercury 200 XS
LAT71Nikita Lijcs
ASVMercury 200 XS
MON74Giacomo SacchiBaBaMercury 200 XS
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