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Sibling rivalry

John Moore on 17th September 2020

Colin and Owen Jelf will once again be competing against each other this weekend in Kaunus, Lithuania.

The brothers will be racing in the first round of the 2020 UIM F2 World Championship, a series that Colin has won on three occasions.

Colin has low expectations for the weekend and is using the event as a dialing in session for his Molgaard hull, he told me this evening after the long drive from England:

I had some time on the water last month to run in the engine, the aim here is to get the boat competitive for next season.

However, his brother Owen wants to win:

I felt that we had a good season last year and with a little bit more luck a top three placing in the championship would have been achievable.

Owen has a Anglo Italian team with entertainment manager Matt Palfreyman, his BaBa boat builder, Massimo Roggiero on the radio and Orazio Finotello who brought the boat from Busto near Milan.

His brother has brought an all British team to support him, with wife Jeni, son Ben, Media manager Nicki Drummond, Kelvin Elmore, Norman Neal, Jonny Brewer and offshore racer Ian Blacker.

The rivalry will re-commence on Saturday for the qualifying session and match racing.

Link to the YouTube stream.

2020 UIM F2 Grand Prix of Lithuania

SWE2Johan ÖsterbergMolgaardMercury 200 XS
GBR3 Owen JelfBaBaMercury 200 XS
GBR4Colin JelfMolgaardMercury 200 XS
SWE11Bimba SjöholmMolgaardMercury 200 XS
UAE17Sami SeliöBaBaMercury 200 XS
LTU41 Edgaras RiabkoDACMercury 200 XS
POR45 Duarte BenaventeMooreMercury 200 XS
Uvis SlakterisMolgaardMercury 200 XS
LAT71Nikita Lijcs
ASVMercury 200 XS
MON74Giacomo SacchiBaBaMercury 200 XS
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