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Silverline Dominates In Guernsey

John Moore on 6th July 2019

Drew Langdon and Miles Jennings took a convincing win in Guernsey this morning, their Mercury powered Outerlimits hull, Silverline averaged 90.27 mph over the flat calm 119.58 nm course.

The Offshore 1 UKOPRA Championship leader, Tommy One, with the Italian pairing of Maurizio Schepici and Giampaolo Montavoci were incredibly fortunate to even make the start, sadly they made a navigation error and picked up a DNF.

Yesterday, Tommy One hit the concrete cill in Victoria Marina and seriously damaged the steering gear.

JL Innovation, designed a steel replacement which was waterjet cut and milled from 25mm steel billet by another local CNC company, Atec Engineering.

The repairs were made into the early hours, it was an extraordinary effort.

Offshore 2

Mr Mako driven by David Foa and Charles Swales took the win in Offshore 2.

Early leader, Blastoff Racing driven by Dorian Griffiths and Will Stevens was the first retirement, as their Guernsey navigator Paul Etasse explained:


Running in 3rd overall and leading our class by a long way when we blew a gearbox hose around the back of Sark.

Game over. driven by Nick Gilley and Jon Fuller were second.

Class 3N

Paul Buckner and Kerry Bobin driving Motorvated Canvey Division shrugged off an early challenge from DB Marine (Brian Peedel and Andy Yeo) to take the Class 3N win.

Peedel’s DB Marine suffered technical issues and eventually finished 4th.

Thomas and Brian (Ray – Sexy Beast) Pelham took second and the local team of Steve Roussel and Ryan Woodhouse placed their vintage Cougar cat in third.

Class 3A/B

There was a ‘Battle Royale’ in the Class 3 A/B division between 3 Phantom 19g hulls, 66 Racing, Multispark and Motorvated Racing.

Malc Dopson and Andy Hiscox took the win and in the process, put 66 Racing on top of the championship leader board.

Dave Sheldon and Chris Bailey steered Multispark to second with Barry Culver and Stuart Unwin taking the third step on the podium with Motorvated Racing.

Class 3X

The young team of Jamie and Chris Owens took a fine class win in their yellow Phantom.

Jamie described the course after as:

The best I have ever raced on!

2019 Guernsey Gold Cup Results

Offshore 1

1st) A47 – Silverline – Drew Langdon & Miles Jennings – 90.27 mph
2nd) B8 – Bubbledeck – Richard Carlton, Phil Payter & Neil Payter – 74.81 mph
3rd) B9 – Dry Martini – Christian Toll, Mike Bontoft & Michael Peet – 69.61 mph
4th) A21 – Pippa – Andrew Smith, Jack Weller, Matthew Smith and Dave Flewin
5th) B12 – Birretta Due – Jean-Piërre Neels, Thomas Vandamme & Marijke D’hondt
6th) B98 – Wild Eleven – Jerome Brarda, Eric Adam & Gordon Compton
7th) A9 – Tommy One – Maurizio Schepici & Giampaolo Montavoci DNF

Offshore 2

1st) E36 – Mr Mako – David Foa & Charles Swales – 66.79 mph
2nd) E54 – – Nick Gilley & Jon Fuller – 62.46 mph
C100 – Blastoff – Dorian Griffiths, Will Stevens & Paul Etasse RET

Class 3N

1st) N1 – Motorvated Canvey Division – Paul Buckner & Kerry Bobin – 60.84 mph
2nd) N10 – Beaver Returns – Thomas Pelham & Brian Pelham – 60.68 mph
3rd) N111 – Flashback – Steve Roussel & Ryan Woodhouse – 53.72 mph
4th) N13 – DB Marine – Brian Peedel & Andy Yeo – 56.21 mph

Class 3X

1st) X6 – The Chiseler – Jamie Owens & Chris Owens
2nd) X51 – Jupiter – Rob Lister & Nick Crouch
X50 – Southampton Dry Stack – Dennis Clemson & Lee Katterhorn RET
X199 – Sledgehammer – Jordan Le Page & Anthony Gillespie RET

Class 3A/B

1st) A66 – A66 Racing – Malc Dopson & Andy Hiscox
2nd) A22 – Multispark – Dave Sheldon & Chris Bailey
3rd) A26 – Motorvated Racing – Barry Culver & Stuart Unwin
4th) B92 – Lovely Jubbly Bubbly – Gareth Keast & Dave Corbet
5th) B121 -Me Too! – Hollie Woodhouse & John Vaudin
6th) B52 – Kermit – Peter Clarke & Rich Comben
7th) B88 – Dirty Deeds – Sue Cosgrave & Rick Turville
8th) B19 – Prime Suspect – Frank Le Tissier & Pierre Le Tissier

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