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Special Awards – UIM Awards Giving Gala

John Moore on 5th March 2017

UIM Hall of Fame

Guido Cappellini

The first inductee into the UIM Hall of Fame, Guido Cappellini began his racing career on four wheels in karting, winning the 135cc Italian Championship in 1981 and 1982 and the European Championship for 135cc, also in 1982.

After switching to boating, he took first place in the S850 Class at the 100 Miglia del Lario, won the F3 category at
the Six Hours of Paris in 1983 and finished fifth overall in the 1985 F3 Inshore World Championship. However, it was in F1 that he made his reputation as one of the greatest of all time.

A man who stands head and shoulders above the great and the good of F1 with 10 World Championship titles, 70 Pole Positions and 62 race wins.

A man who has made an indelible mark on the history of powerboat racing and who is a true giant of the sport.

Sport For All Award

World Cup Smiling Boat

The 2016 World Cup Smiling Boat initiative allowed 46 disabled youngsters the opportunity to take to the waters of the River Po to get a taste of pneumatic powerboat racing under the guidance of boating world champions such as Alessandro Cremona and Maikol Chiossi as well as stars from other sports including boxing and volleyball.

It is hoped that similar events will be staged by UIM National Authorities as a way not only to promote the sport of powerboat racing but also to spread fun and sporting equality to the entire community.

Thanks go to the athletes from different sports, to the volunteers who helped make it possible and to the organisers of the World Cup Smiling Boat – winner of the 2016 UIM Sport For All Award – Cremona Ezio (the President of Club Motonautico San Nazzaro) and Manfredini Ennio (Creator of Smiling Boat).

Driver of the Year

Massimo Rossi

A new award from the UIM, the Driver of the Year goes to a competitor chosen by the UIM Council following roposals from the UIM Athletes Committee.

From the six eligible candidates, the winner of the inaugural UIM Driver of the Year award is the late Massimo

Candidates have been selected based on best results achieved and those who demonstrated exceptional behaviour at UIM events.

UIM Junior Driver of the Year

Stefan Arand

Like the Driver of the Year Award, the Junior Driver of the Year Award is also a new honour bestowed by the UIM for the first time.

The recipient is one of three eligible candidates proposed by the UIM Athletes Committee and is a driver who has made an impact over the past few seasons.

In 2015, he won the UIM Circuit GT15 World Championship at the end of a year that also saw him win the European
GT15 and JT250 Championships as well as the Estonian Championships for the same classes.

He was also voted the Estonian Powerboating Union Best Young Athlete for 2015 and 2016 and again won all five titles last year and with it the HH Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan – Abu Dhabi Trophy.

The UIM Safety Award

Jean Todt

One of the most recognised figures in world sport, this year’s recipient is recognised for his role in the FIA’s ‘Action for Road Safety’ campaign.

As well as being FIA President, Jean Todt is also the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety and is instrumental in the FIA’s campaign, which is based around four priorities – advocacy at the highest levels, action by clubs on the ground, motor sport and Road Safety and campaigns and partnerships.

The campaign is the latest step in Jean’s long-standing commitment to promoting road and motor safety on a global scale.

Thanks to his sphere of influence, Jean and the FIA have established numerous partnerships with leading celebrities and industry stakeholders in order to help prevent more than 1.25 million deaths ever year.

Because of his passion, commitment to the cause and dedication to creating a road map on the journey to better road safety, the UIM Safety Award goes to Jean Todt.

The Stefano Casiraghi Memorial Trophy

2016 Winner – Piero Ferrari

When it comes to the world of motorsport there are no greater names than that of Ferrari. The recipient of this year’s Stefano Casiraghi Memorial Trophy is the man who has been vice chairman of the legendary car maker since 1988.

Born in 1945, Piero Ferrari is the sole surviving descendant of company founder and industry giant Enzo Ferrari and
continues to maintain the values synonymous with the brand.

While the name of Ferrari built its legend on four wheels, the company has also left its mark on the powerboating

In 1953, Enzo used his knowledge and expertise to work with Achille Castoldi in creating the legendary ARNO XI Hydroplane that boasted a 12-cylinder, 4,500cc, V12 Ferrari engine.

In October 1953, the ARNO XI travelled at 150.2mph on Lake Iseo in Northern Italy to set a world speed record for an 800kg boat that to this day has never been broken.

The Sam Griffith Memorial Trophy

Arif Al Zaffain and Nadir Bin Hendi

The name of Samuel L Griffith first came to prominence through the staging of the famed Miami-Nassau races, often referred to as the most gruelling offshore powerboat races in the world.

The races gave birth to modern offshore powerboat racing, brought the sport to the attention of the general public
and provided its first hero, namely Sam L. Griffith.

Since the inception of the Sam Griffith Trophy in 1964, many of the world’s greatest competitors have chased the biggest prize in the sport with the format of competition changing over the years.

In 1992 the Championship reverted to a multi-event competition and in the following years the range of countries claiming the World Drivers’ Championship swelled in numbers including the USA, UK, Italy, Monaco, Norway, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Despite the growth of many other disciplines, Class 1 still remains the pinnacle of offshore racing and in 2016, after a week of headto-head racing the Sam Griffith Memorial Trophy goes to the Class 1 World Champions Arif Al Zaffain and Nadir Bin Hendi of Victory Team.


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