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Stark – ‘One of my worst seasons’

John Moore on 22nd December 2019

Erik Stark joined the Victory Team for the last three races of the 2019 season, having finished runner-up in 2018 for the Abu Dhabi team.

He described 2019 on social media today as, ‘one of my worst seasons’.

Stark, who raced under the Maverick Racing banner in Portugal and France, finished both races, but only could gain three points, and that was to be his total points score for the season.

He continued:

At the beginning of the year I didn’t have a team to drive for, so for the first time in 20 years I wouldn’t be able to race.

Stark had to sit-out the curtain raiser in Saudi Arabia:

It was one of the hardest time of my life, I saw my dream and my entire life blowing away without being able to do anything.

I was about to give up but I am so grateful that my family and friends supported me and motivated me and I was lucky enough to find a sponsor on the last minute and being able to race for Maverick.

Stark then had the call-up from the Dubai based Victory Team in the summer:

I was so honoured to join Victory and I started to work hard right away to prepare for the China races.

We had the boat and engine package sorted in Sharjah where I got the best time in all of the free practise sessions and was third on the grid in qualifying.

Unfortunately I broke the throttle after three laps, but I’m still very happy and positive because the boat and the engine are on point and we are competitive to be on the top and we are ready for a successful 2020 season.

To all the people following their dreams, the path is not always easy but never give up, because no matter how difficult is the climb, the landscape from the top is priceless.

It looks like Stark will be back to his best and even challenging for the championship next season.

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