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Stark sets Fastest F1H2o Grand Prix of Portugal Extra Free Practice time

John Moore on 17th May 2019

Erik Stark was fastest in the F1H2o Grand Prix of Portugal Extra Free Practice with a 43.10 second lap which compared to Shaun Torrente’s 2018 Pole Setting lap time of 41.68.

Stark told F1H2o’s Nigel Quilter after the session:

Everything feels very good and it was nice to have a session and go through everything that you planned.

We have something left.

We went a little safe today and will make some adjustments.

Today was really all about getting as many laps in as we could and for sure tomorrow we will find more.

2018 UIM F1H2o World Champion Torrente was satisfied:

We ran some really safe laps, I was very happy with the boat and we fight tomorrow.

There was no point for us to run a Grand Prix today!

Philippe Chiappe jumped up into third place in the closing stages with a 43.69s lap time and commented after:

We are very happy with the first session.

It wasn’t easy because it was very windy.

This was the first opportunity to compare to where we are with the others so we feel in a good position and see how qualifying goes.

Photos: Mike Powell

2019 UIM F1H2o Grand Prix of Portugal - Extra Free Practice

Driver#TeamHull / EngineTime
Erik Stark74Maverick Racing DAC / Mercury43:01
Shaun Torrente 1Team Abu Dhabi DAC / Mercury43.66
Philippe Chiappe 7CTIC F1 Shenzhen China Moore / Mercury43.69
Alex Carella 44Victory Team Victory / Mercury43.77
Marit Strømøy 50Emirates Racing BaBa / Mercury44.38
Sami Seliö 11Sharjah TeamBaBa / Mercury44.53
Peter Morin 8CTIC F1 Shenzhen China Moore / Mercury44.59
Francesco Cantando 37Blaze Performance Blaze / Mercury44.77
Thani Al Qemzi 2Team Abu Dhabi DAC / Mercury44.99
Ahmed Al Hameli 3Victory Team Victory / Mercury45.27
Bartek Marszalek 77Emirates Racing DAC / Mercury45.75
Cédric Deguisne 73Maverick Racing Moore / Mercury45.77
Duarte Benavente 10F1 Atlantic Team Moore / Mercury45.90
Filip Roms 12Sharjah TeamBaBa / Mercury46.06
Alberto Comparato 9F1 Atlantic Team DAC / Mercury46.25
Greg Foster 36Blaze Performance Blaze / Mercury46.74
Erik Edin 15Team Amaravati DAC / Mercury47.64
Beranger Robart 70Maverick Racing Moore / Mercury49.35
Jonas Andersson 14Team Amaravati DAC / Mercury1.20.72
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