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Sundsdal put’s a Tiger in His Tank

John Moore on 10th April 2019

Frode Sundsdal, the organiser of the UIM F2 Tønsberg Båtrace, has today announced that Esso will be among the major sponsors for the event that is due to be held 2-4 August.

He explained:

Not only is Esso a significant employer in our region of Norway with its large facility at Slagentangen, where over 300 people are employed, but their brand name is also synonymous with motorsport.

Anne Fougner, Information Director at Esso Norge AS, confirmed the deal with Sundsdal and Tønsberg Båtrace sponsor representative, Morten Danby this afternoon and she commented on the deal:

Esso wants to engage our employees in the region to take part in the event.

The Tønsberg Boat Race has become a very popular event in Norway and Esso looks forward to actively contributing to its continued success with a long-term cooperation.

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