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Sundsdal’s Swedish Success

John Moore on 15th July 2017

Frode Sundsdal and his EDH Racing team traveled from Tonsberg, Norway to Sweden to compete in the Nora F2 race today.

They are traveling home tonight, very pleased with their days racing.

After setting the third fastest time in qualifying behind Tobias Munthe-Kaas and Johan Österberg, Sundsdal had it all to do.

Being quick off the blocks in Heat 1 gave the Norwegian the lead, which he never relinquished.

Starting from pole in Heat 2, he lead for 10 laps until hitting a most unpleasant passenger ferry wash. Sundsdal kept his DAC hull under control but Sweden’s Österberg got past him to take the win.

Using his vast racing experience, Sundsdal pulled a surprise Heat 3 win out of his Nordic bag of tricks.

He told me this evening;

It’s been a great day for me and my fantastic EDH team.
I really didn’t expect to win here, the competition was very, very good.

I said that this must be the perfect springboard to the UIM F2 Belgium GP next week?

John, the team and I will enjoy this win tonight and make a decision on Belgium tomorrow.

Nora F2 Overall Results

1st) Frode Sundsdal (NOR)
2nd) Johan Österberg (SWE)
3rd) Christian Carlsen (NOR)
4th) Tobias Munthe-Kaas (NOR)
5th) Daniel Segenmark (SWE)

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