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Sundsdal’s under huge pressure to deliver

Chris Davies on 1st August 2018

The organiser of this weekend’s UIM F2 World Championship race at Tonsberg, Frode Sundsdal has had an excellent 2018 racing season. Recent successes have included the German F2 Championship along with the Scandinavian F2 title.

This has come as a mixed blessing though as he now finds himself under huge pressure to deliver at ‘his’ event.

It’s just reached the red hot mark on the pressure gauge.

Sundsdal, who has been working tirelessly over the past few months to make improvements both on and off the water.

Due to the number of entries we have received we had to amend the race course to allow us to run eighteen boats.

So we have added a slight bend past the ‘guest harbour’ to accommodate that number.

If you told me five years ago, when we ran an International Ordinary event here, that we would attract thirty entries with the likes of Team Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Victory Team, along with drivers flying in from Australia and the USA then I would have said you were crazier than me!

Photo: Jesper Zander

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