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Tapp is back – Sparks will fly – ThunderCat Racing Fistral

John Moore on 3rd May 2016

Just when everyone thought James Tapp, a serial winner in the UK ThunderCat series had retreated to a deckchair on the beach, he has been lured out of retirement by Multispark Racing team owner Dave Sheldon.

We run a two boat team, unfortunately our driver, Gary Tolman who normally drives the #61 boat is on a ‘Bus training course’ during the Fistral Event.
I thought it would ‘spice things up’ to invite James into the Multispark team, for a guest appearance.

Tapp’s teammate will be Bligh Julius.

The drivers had a ‘battle royale’ last year for the RYA ThunderCat British Championship, which was only decided on the final day’s racing in Newquay.

The quietly spoken father of two told me this afternoon,

Thanks to Dave, I’m back in a ThunderCat again! My wife Sophie doesn’t think I’m fit enough, but how fit do you need to be to beat Bligh?

You can watch the racing, 14th -15th May at Fistral Beach, Cornwall.

Photo: Chris Davies – Swansea 2015

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