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TBR Australia enters UIMF2 World Championship

John Moore on 5th April 2018

48-year-old Melbourne based Gavin Bricker, Team Owner and Driver of Team Bricker Racing (T.B.R.) will be competing in this year’s UIM F2 World Championship.

The Aussie is realistic about his chances:

Our goal in entering into the UIM F2 World Championships is simple, we are very keen to understand where we sit on the global scale.
Obviously we are hoping that we have what it takes to mix it with the best in the world but there is the concern that being so isolated from Europe and the U.S. that we are being left behind.
Our expectations are low, we intend to approach this series as we do every race, prepare thoroughly, set our race plans and execute to our strategy.
Our goal is to be there at the end of the race and push as hard as possible, the results, well they will be what they are.

Bricker is a passionate racer and has had his fair share of success competing in the Australian Series.

After finishing 2nd in both the 2015 and 2016 series he took home the championship in 2017 with consistent racing, a hallmark of his driving style.

He has also competed in both the SST120 and the Formula 1 categories but has truly found his niche in the Formula 2 style of racing in which he leads the 2018 Australian series.

Bricker is also the president of the Australian Formula Powerboat Grand Prix Series, that was developed to promote tunnel boat racing down under in Australia.

The T.B.R team is self-funded and his commitment to compete on the other side of the world is a massive undertaking.

We have committed to Lithuania, Denmark and Norway at the outset and we will re-assess based on a variety of factors, it’s been an idea that I have had for such a long time – to compete at this level against the best of the best, and now we are finally making the step.
Of course, it makes no sense financially!
It’s an absolute passion that I share with the team and we are committed.

Our expectations are low, you don’t travel across the globe to stand beside the best in the world and not be humble.
We would love to be competitive but we will need to wait and see.
I can guarantee however that we will give it everything and have a whole lot of fun at the same time, and if there is a chequered flag to be had we won’t say no!

The Beautifully prepared T.B.R. boat is a current spec DAC hull and the glaring omission is sponsors decals, when asked about this Bricker’s response was simple:

Our campaign was going ahead without sponsors as it’s something I have always wanted to do, we would love to hear from any interested parties with a view to potentially extending our campaign, but we are happy to prove ourselves at round 1 and see what comes from there.

The TBR Crew has a great deal of experience, Don Myclymont is the chief engine builder and technical support guru, Marty Chiminello is acting Team Manager responsible for operations, Stephen Gilligan and Stuart Rankine will be assisting as crew.

Also joining the team will be Gavin’s son Ewan, who currently competes in the Australian SST120 category.

Bricker’s first race in UIM F2 will be at Kaunus, Lithuania over 25th – 27th of May.

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