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Team Abu Dhabi’s Rashid Al-Mulla completes a clean sweep in Gallipoli

Chris Davies on 27th May 2018

Team Abu Dhabi’s Rashid Al-Mulla completed a clean sweep of the Freestyle category honours at the opening round of the UIM-ABP Aquabike World Championship by winning Sunday afternoon’s Moto 2 heat in Gallipoli to add to the Moto 1 success he achieved on Saturday.

Russia’s Alexander Kuramshin was the first artist on the water but, after completing a short series of barrel-rolls, his boat suffered technical issues and he returned to the beach by the sea wall in front of the judges.

Portugal’s Paulo Nunes followed the Russian on to the water and opened with some back 360s, barrel-rolls and spins and continued with a combination of back flips and finished with a one-handed back flip.

The ever-improving Italian Alberto Camerlengo delivered a varied performance and finished with one a half back flips before crashing into the water to end his three-minute stint.

World number one Roberto Mariani followed his fellow Italian on to the water with a range of flips, spins and rolls before losing his boat near the end of his stint and closing out with his traditional ‘fountain’.

This paved the way for Al-Mulla to round off the Freestyle action.

The 31-year-old Emirati delivered a spectacular opening sequence of barrel-rolls, back flips, reverses and spins to delight the large crowd that had lined the pier. He continued to impress through the stint to confirm the victory in Moto 2 and finished off with a series of high back flips.

2018 UIM-ABP Grand Prix of Italy – Freestyle Moto 2 result

1. Rashid Al-Mulla (UAE) 89pts

2. Roberto Mariani (ITA) 75pts

3. Alberto Camerlengo (ITA) 65pts

4. Paolo Nunes (PRT) 56pts

5. Alexander Kuramshin (RUS) 32pts

2018 UIM-ABP World Championship – Freestyle standings

1. Rashid Al-Mulla (UAE) 50pts

2. Roberto Mariani (ITA) 40pts

3. Alberto Camerlengo (ITA) 32pts

4. Paolo Nunes (PRT) 26pts

5. Alexander Kuramshin (RUS) 22pts

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