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Team Australia

John Moore on 22nd August 2017

Husband and wife Brett and Lori Luhrmann founded Luhrmann Powersports International (LPI) in 2015.
This year, they are simultaneously managing teams in three of the world’s toughest categories of powerboat racing, based in Australia and travelling the world for international championships in other categories.

From an LPI Press Release

Lori and Brett’s LPI achievements are celebrated in the cover story of Nautilus Marine Lifestyle Magazine’s latest edition – a widely read publication.

The article details the newest and biggest addition to LPI’s Team Australia powerboat fleet: a 42-foot catamaran with 1500 horsepower, aptly nicknamed BIG BLUE ROO.

This boat made its debut at the Australian Offshore Superboat Championships in QLD, July 2017. After leading round 1 in Mackay, a disaster struck in round 2 in Bowen.

Within 500m of the finish line on the final lap the portside engine caught fire! Driver Brett and Throttleman Karl Wall managed to stay cool in this intensely hot situation, activating fire suppression systems in the engine and fuel shut-offs that prevented an inevitable explosion.

Escaping the smoke-engulfed cockpit, they helped extinguish the flames.

A Go-Pro camera mounted on the boat captured the frightening ordeal.
This footage was shared online by Motorsports TV and has had over 15,000 views!

Both Brett and Karl were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning.

They were eventually cleared by the Doctor but the engine of the beautiful BIG BLUE ROO was burnt out!

Despite this setback, they are now gearing up for Round 3 of the Championships in Coffs Harbour – Brett and Lori’s old hometown.

With the BIG BLUE ROO’s repairs well underway, the boat will be ready to compete in the event on 27 August 2017!

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, LPI is determined to come back stronger than ever!

It’s not the first time they have faced adversity. Soon after the establishment of LPI in 2015, Lori was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. With treatments now completed, Lori and Brett have raised more than $20,000 for breast cancer in the past 18 months.

Brett was also the champion fundraiser and dancer in the Cancer Council’s 2017 Stars of the Beaches gala, raising over $15,000 and performing a routine based on his brother Baz Luhrmann’s films.

From burning the floors for a worthy cause to escaping death’s fiery claws – Brett is one half of a powerboating power couple on fire!

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