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Temper is dealt another huge blow

John Moore on 2nd April 2018

Powerboat Racing World reported last month that Michael Werner had lost his entire workshop and equipment in a fire.

Rupp Temper a long time customer of Werner suffered a huge loss, 2 UIM F2 hulls, racing equipment, engines, gearboxes, props, spare parts and tools were all incinerated in the blaze.

Temper has today reported on his Facebook page that his equipment was not covered under Werner’s insurance policy.
The Austrian is taking a stoic approach to the dire situation:

Now you can guess how big is the damage of RTRacing.
It´s a very big disaster and probably racing is over for us.
But a few days ago the whole team was sitting together on a table and made a united decision.
Stop crying, stand up, roll up your sleeves and fight for what we are living for, because racing never stops.
We will leave no stone unturned, that our dream comes true and we can be on the water again and racing with our friends in F2.
But our dream depends on many factors. Unfortunately, the biggest factor is money.
We pray and hope that our long standing friends, sponsors and supporters will stand on our side in these dark days!

Rupp Temper is appealing for any support to help get his RTRacing team back into the 2018 UIM F2 World Championship.

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