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Temper’s UIM F2 Bronze reinstated in Fujairah

John Moore on 21st October 2016

At the final UIM F2 World Championship in Portugal recently, Austrian Rupp Temper took second place and those points were enough to give him the 2016 Bronze Medal.

However, during post race scruitineering, ‘a non standard electrical connection to the engine’ caused his disqualification.

Michael Werner, Rupp Temper’s Team Manager and Engineer said at the time, ‘The wiring on this engine has been put like this on the grounds of safety. I have nothing against the Technical Commissioner but if I had made this wire layout like they had asked, then I would have been fired’.

The F2 RTRacing Team subsequently decided to appeal the decision.

Today in Fujairah, UAE the UIM Appeal Board heard and upheld their arguments.

Werner explained after, ‘We were disqualified for connecting a second battery cable to the powerstud  of our Mercury Optimax engine, so we had  5 wires and not 4’.


F2 RTRacing took Frode Sundsdal to Fujairah for advice and he told me tonight, ‘Looking at the evidence and having had discussions with Temper and Werner, I felt it was 100% clear that the Appeal Board interpreted the rules correctly. I actually wire my motor in the same way’.

Sundsdal continued, ‘The appeal panel was formed from members of the UIM council and the UIM Secretary General appointed the most ‘competent’ people, Fred Hauenstein and Umberto Panzeri were two of those’.

‘I also consulted with Mercury Racing General Manager, Erik Christiansen and ran past various issues to do with the appeal;  the number of batteries allowed, the recommended place to connect the battery cable to the powerstud and Battery and its conductors do not form part of the engine’.

Sundsdal concluded, ‘A clarification of the UIM F2 rules will be made for future assistance’.

As for Rupp Temper?

It’s anyone’s guess what night club in the UAE he hit after the decision.

Main Photo: CR Photography

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