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The Pearl of Borneo welcomes P1 AquaX

John Moore on 26th April 2018

Powerboat P1 is taking its AquaX jet ski racing to Labuan in Malaysia for an exhibition event this weekend.
The 2-day AquaX event to be held over April 28th and 29th, features riders from both Malaysia and neighbouring Brunei and will be a new addition to the annual Labuan International Sea Challenge (LISC) which is now in its 22nd year.

LISC aims to promote the island of Labuan known as ‘The Pearl of Borneo’, as a premier marine sport venue and tourist destination.

The 2 week long celebration kicked off last weekend with a variety of on-water and beach competitions – such as boat racing, kayaking, swimming and deep sea fishing – that are in line with Malaysia’s intention to become a major sports tourism destination.

One of three federal territories, Labuan is made up of the main island and six smaller islands 8km off the Borneo coast in East Malaysia.

With its deep-water port at the mouth of Brunei Bay, it enjoys duty-free status and is an epicentre for shipping, trade and international banking.

Speaking earlier this year, the Prime Minister of Labuan welcomed the news that P1 AquaX would be racing there during the LISC event:

We are fortunate to have Powerboat P1 help Labuan exhibit a wider range of sea sports and the plan is for AquaX to become an annual event.
I can imagine the racing becoming a major attraction, gaining widespread international media coverage and helping to reinforce the rebranding of Labuan as an island renowned for marine sports.

The weekend schedule will include both sprint and endurance racing, organised by Labuan Marine Motorsports Malaysia Limited, and finish on Sunday afternoon with podium celebrations and a press conference.

P1’s Global Head of AquaX, Lisa Barsby, commented:

We are delighted to be contributing to the sporting entertainment at LISC with increasing recognition of the potential of Labuan as a competitive water sports destination.
The annual event is not only a catalyst for creating awareness but also a major reason for tourists to travel to Malaysia as the country heads towards Visit Malaysia Year 2020 and Labuan Visit Year in 2021.

In addition to the Labuan exhibition event, this year’s P1 AquaX international calendar comprises a total of 14 competitive race weekends in the USA, UK and mainland Europe.

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