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The Teams – Nexa P1 Powerboat – Indian Grand Prix of the Sea

John Moore on 25th February 2017

Six teams and their crew were announced earlier today in Mumbai, this is how the Nexa P1 Powerboat – Indian Grand Prix of the Sea will play out next weekend;

The teams will participate in Time Trials next Friday,(3rd of March), to determine their start position for Race 1 on Day 2, Saturday, 4th March.

The boat with the fastest qualifying lap on Friday will start at pole position followed by all subsequent boats in descending order.

Winning Race 1 will earn the boat 20 points while the second and third boats earn 17 and 15 points respectively. Each boat to finish subsequently earns one less point than the previous.

The grid position is reversed for Race 2 on Saturday, with the boat that finished last in Race 1 taking pole position followed by the other boats in ascending order.

Collecting points in the same points system as in Race 1, the boats with the highest cumulative points from Race 1 and 2 on Saturday, will determine the start grid for the Finale on Sunday.

Teams will be crowned winners of the USD 125,000 NEXA P1 Powerboat, Indian Grand Prix of the Seas by the total points of both the boats on their team across two days.

Nexa P1 Powerboat – Indian Grand Prix of the Sea – Teams and Crew

HVR Racing

Boat A

Frank Silva (USA) and Anthony Louis Iannotta (USA)

Boat B

Darren Nicholson (AUS) and Giovanni Carpitella (ITA)

Lloyd Dolphins

Boat A

Craig Wilson (GBR) and William Enriquez (USA)

Boat B

Stuart Cureton (GBR) and Sara Cureton (GBR)

Booster Jets

Boat A

Sam Coleman (GBR) and Daisy Coleman (GBR)

Boat B

C S Santosh (IND) and Martin Robinson (GBR)

Ultra Sharks

Boat A

Neil Jackson (GBR) and Jason Jackson (GBR)

Boat B

Gaurav Gill (IND) and George Ivey (USA)

MoneyOnMobile Marlins

Boat A

James Norvill (GBR) and Christian Parsons Young (GBR)

Boat B

Lee Norvall (GBR) andGlynn Norvall (GBR)

Team 6

Boat A

John Donnelly* (GBR) and Kevin Burdock (GBR)

Boat B

Alain Coppens (NED) and Frederick Bastin (BEL)

* International Powerboat Celebrity / Racer, Actor, Public Speaker, Singer and Motivational coach


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