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Three rounds for the 2020 UIM F2 World Championship?

John Moore on 25th May 2020

Edgaras Riabko was one of the guests on Frode Sundsdal’s weekly chat show last night and the 2-time UIM F2 European champion was quietly optimistic about still racing in a world championship this season.

Riabko, who has organised rounds of the UIM F2 World Championship in his home country of Lithuania for the last few years, feels that hosting a race in the city of Kaunus over the weekend of September 12-13 is still very doable.

A couple of weeks later Ribadouro, in Portugal would host round 2 with the finale to be held in Abu Dhabi in early December.

With many countries now starting to open up from lock down and borders coming down, let’s look forward to a better second half of the year with some racing action thrown in for good measure.

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