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ThunderCat Racing Championship decider in Watergate Bay

John Moore on 15th November 2016

When the 2016 ThunderCat dates were announced, few knew that the final Event would nearly be on an ‘Advent Calendar’ and competitors would be following the Star of Bethlehem to Cornwall.

Due to a weather cancellation of the Watergate Bay event in late September, ThunderCat Racing organiser Fiona Pascoe said;

We don’t cancel Events – We postpone.

Postpone is exactly what Pascoe and her ThunderCat Racing team have done.

13 teams will head to Cornwall this weekend, to not only face the fierce surf of Watergate Bay, but to contend with forecasted freezing cold temperatures.

Rob Davies’ Microlink Ahmad Tea team lead Multispark Racing #61 by just 10 points going into the final 2 rounds;

We are looking forward to Watergate.
It should be quite interesting with the colder weather and surf conditions.
We enjoy the surf so it should be a great way to end a brilliant season with an awesome group of people.
We are determined to take the 2016 title!

Gary Tolman and Scott Brown have kept the Welsh team honest all season, the Multispark Racing Team Manager Dave Sheldon told me,

It’s going to be an exciting end to the season, we will be running a 2 boat team this weekend, Bligh Julius has been given strict team orders – Although I can’t say anymore about our tactics and strategy!

Julius will be looking to secure third overall in the Microlink ThunderCat Racing Championship although he can’t be complacent.

Simon Matthews’ Seavacation, Darryn Harrison’s Moku-Evolution 5, new World Speed Record holder, Tom Williams-Hawkes and Mark Lloyd’s Team Endeavour Racing #20 all have a mathematical chance of taking the Bronze.

The Ragworm team also have an outside chance, their odds greatly improved by a ‘guest appearance’ by none other than 2015 ThunderCat World Champion James Tapp.

I’m taking some time off from rehearsals, I’m playing Joseph in the Microlink Nativity play this Christmas.

Racing is due to commence at 11.30 on both this Saturday and Sunday.

Runners and Riders

Boat 3 Moku-Majengo Berti Munro and Kersey Segger
Boat 7 Moku-Evolution 5 Darryn Harrison and James Ion
Boat 8 Ragworm James Tapp and Mark Blackman
Boat 14 Kingfisher Fire & Security Jake Lawrence and Nick Brockbanks
Boat 16 ThunderCat Guernsey Tom Zierer and Ben Backhouse
Boat 17 Broad Bean Tom Williams-Hawkes and Malachy Browne
Boat 20 Team Endeavour Racing 20 Mark Lloyd and Alex Fogg
Boat 22 Microlink-Ahmad Tea Rob Davies and Darren Phillips
Boat 26 Seavacation Simon Matthews and Martin Jerome
Boat 33 Multispark Racing 33 Bligh Julius and Andrew Cousins
Boat 46 Bulletproof/Pulton Properties Marc Newton and Martin Pullen
Boat 51 51 Racing Simon Harding and Mike Littler
Boat 54 Student Loan Sebastian Watts and Josh Broadbent
Boat 61 Multispark Racing 61 Gary Tolman and Scott Brown
Boat 87 Pro Marine Lewis Huddy and Steve Putt

Photos: Mike Powell

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