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Many of you will be familiar with the timing system that is used for the UIM F2 World Championship.

Vitor Oliveira, the man behind that software and the timing of those events, has developed Time4Racing, a platform that you can purchase to record your powerboat or motor race.

Vitor explains further:

Time4Racing is a racing event management and time keeping platform created by a team of senior software developers, based in Portugal, with almost 20 years of timekeeping experience and passionate to innovate and create solutions using the latest technologies.

When we first started with timekeeping, our main goal was to create the tools to automate and improve our own tasks.

With time, we understood there was a general need for a timekeeping software which would meet the requirements of powerboat competitions and other motor sports.

As developers, but also as users of the platform ourselves, we deeply understand the problems and challenges faced by organizations and timekeepers.

With this in mind, we set our goal in creating a system aimed at event organizers and timekeepers, easy to use and flexible enough to support local and international competitions.

Development began in 2018, and the system was tested alongside our previous timekeeping software, also created by our team, but for a specific type of competition.

The Time4Racing system was finally launched in January 2020.

During this first year, we cooperated with a selected number of partners in order to collect feedback, provide close support, develop specific features to meet their requirements and further improve every piece of software.

The system has now been officially used for several disciplines (circuit, offshore, aquabike, motosurf, etc.) in several races around the world, in local and international events.

The Time4Racing web app accessible via any internet connected device, now allows for event management (single rounds and multiple season championships), competitors enrolment, event timetable creation, powerful reporting tool, live timing and ability to overlay live information during video streaming.

The Time4Racing desktop application, installed on the timekeeper’s computer, is used for the timing of all the round’s sessions, through multiple types of inputs.

We are constantly collecting feedback from everyone involved in racing events and the system is always being improved, so there are a lot of new features coming in the next versions.

With Time4Racing, we believe we can provide the tools organizers need to easily manage information, use the latest technologies to take care of the time keeping while promoting their events to a bigger and more demanding audience.

During the 2021 season we hope to continue our existing collaborations and to find new partners.

If you are interested or would like to know more, please contact us at

We would love to hear from you.