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Tønsberg Båtrace is cancelled.

Tony Blom-Pettersen on 26th July 2023

Tønsberg Båtrace, which was due to take place on August 4-6, is unfortunately cancelled due to a significant lack of entries.

Despite the great interest in the event and the participation of the reigning UIM F2 World Champion, Stefan Hagin from Germany, the winner of the last World Championship round that took place in Tønsberg, only twenty-one boats in total across all the classes had entered by the deadline.


“Although it is gratifying to see that a number of renowned circuit racers had signed up, the low number of competitors is unfortunately not sufficient to maintain the high standard of the event. As one of Europe’s leading boat race organisers, we regretfully have to announce that Tønsberg Båtrace 2023 is cancelled,” said Frode Sundsdal, the Event Director.


The reason for the low participation is simple. The international organisation has struggled to set up a racing calendar following the pandemic.


On the same weekend as the Tønsberg Båtrace, which has always taken place over the first weekend in August, Viverone in Italy will stage a World Cup race in the F4 class and the European Championship in the GT30. Which means the Tønsberg Båtrace lost out on a huge number of entries.


“We will now consider applying for this World Championship again and be adamant that the first weekend in August date does not clash with other races to avoid ending up in the shadow of other events. We have obtained good support from our sponsors and the municipality in the past, so now I look forward to tackling this challenge again” said Frode Sundsdal.


Tønsberg Båtrace will therefore be postponed until August 2024, when the organisers hope to be able to deliver an event of the highest international level.

For further information and updates, please contact:


Name: Frode Sundsdal

Telephone: 97027777




About Tønsberg Boat Race:

Tønsberg Båtrace has a well-established reputation as one of Europe’s leading powerboat race events, which has been known for delivering spectacular races of high quality for many years. The event attracts both National and International competitors, helping to increase interest in boating among the public.

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