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Tønsberg Goes Offshore With 18 Entries

John Moore on 3rd October 2019

Tønsberg has become synonymous with its annual UIM F2 World Championship race, although this weekend, Norway’s oldest town will be hosting an event for offshore boats.

Frode Sundsdal and his partner Joyce Christine Andersen, have been organising the Tønsberg Batrace since 2013 when it initially started as a UIM International Ordinary race and since 2014 has enjoyed World Championship status.

In those years, it has become a firm favourite with racers and spectators alike, the Tønsberg start run has now become an iconic showcase for the sport.

With the ongoing success of the inshore race, Sundsdal thought it was time to turn his attention to offshore racing and working with the Norges Motorsportforbund (NMF).

This weekend’s race has attracted 18 entries from 3 classes and it will be run in the Oslo Fjord between Jarlsø and Slagentangen with the course being spectator friendly.

Class 3C will compete over 5 laps with a total distance of 60 NM, the favourite is Erik Sundblad Johnsen with boat C55, this year’s UIM world champion and he said about the inaugural event:

Tønsberg is the best in our country for organising boat races, so we are very pleased to be racing here at such short notice.

We hope this will be an annual event, the facilities at Jarlsø are perfect.

UIM F2 racer Tobias Munthe Kaas will be showing Alexander G Karlsen the way in C8 against 7 other Class 3C Competitors.

Jan Trygve Braaten who has been plying his trade in the XCAT World Championship will be racing in Class 3A against another 4 boats, while Thomas Braaten and Silje Moen Knutsen who came 4th in the very first UIM Class 3J World Championship in Öregrund, Sweden will have 5 boats to contend with.

Sundsdal commented:

Jarlsø has welcomed us with open arms, so now we are looking forward to testing out offshore racing here.

Class 3C

C-055 Erik S. Johansen / Frank Wilson
C-091 Geir J. Einerkjær / Simen Einerkjær
C-030 Andre Strand / Greger Lauvik
C-056 Thomas Grimsrud / Espen Olsen
C-066 Inge Lund / Per Anders Bergan
C-029 Anders W. Pettersen / Håkon Christoffersen
C 8 Alexander G Karlsen / Tobias Munthe Kaas
C 94 Thomas Hansen / Petter Weel

Class 3A

A-004 Mathias Halvorsen / Caroline Garcia
A-199 Filip H. Ringkvist / Henrik Sagfossen
A-087 Dan Torkel Gliddi / Günther Hirsel-Haag
A4 Jan Trygve Braaten / Mette Moen Knutsen
A 12 Vidar Hoslum / Andreas Bjornson

Class 3J

J-012 Anniken Hansen / Alexander G. Karlsen
J-099 Bethina H. Lyder / Magnus Bang
J-003 Thomas Braaten / Silje Moen Knutsen
J-009 Christoffer Dale / Sindre Svendsen
J-054 Olai Hansen / Eirik Nilsen
J-057 Oline Nordli / Guro Eliassen

Saturday 5th October

12:00 – Race 1
15:00 – Race 2

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