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Torrente – ‘It wasn’t my best day’

John Moore on 7th December 2018

F1H2o Championship leader Shaun Torrente had to settle for sixth place in today’s qualifying for the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.

A few hours after the BRM F1 qualifying I asked him for his thoughts.

Shaun, sixth on the grid tomorrow, probably not where you wanted to be?

In Q2 I had only posted the sixth fastest time when Victory Team’s Ahmed Al-Hameli barrel-rolled.

Race Control were keen to get Q3 underway without a five minute break and the time schedule for TV has to be respected.

I understand the organisers time pressures, it was totally my fault that I didn’t put in a faster lap.

In the Q3 Shoot-out you ran a 44.13sec, were you happy with the set-up?

Yes, I was happy with the boat, because I went out first in Q3 there were still rollers on the side of the course where Turn 1 and Turn 2 are, so I couldn’t run the time I could normally run.

Once again, I should have posted a quicker Q2 time so I didn’t have to go out first.

Your Team manager Guido Cappellini told Neil Perkins earlier:

Shaun is in sixth and now it depends on the start.

It is very possible that we can get three boats in the top three positions after the second buoy.

I guess that you will be totally focused on tomorrow’s lights?

It’s not the end of the world, I’m looking for a good start, push forward like I always do, hope to salvage some good points and then move on to Sharjah.

It’s a long Championship and it’s all going to be about Sharjah.

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