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Torrente – ‘No Team Orders at Team Abu Dhabi’

Chris Davies on 5th December 2018

Shaun Torrente spoke to Neil Perkins ahead of this weekend’s Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, the penultimate round of the 2018 UIM F1H2o World Championship.

The Team Abu Dhabi series leader Torrente, who carried out some late testing this morning, told Perkins:

‘It’s kind of everyone else’s Super Bowl – We have everything pretty well in hand’.

This is our home race, we have had such an amazing season and I guess everyone else wants to beat us here.

We are pretty close to the Teams’ Championship so we have to take care of business and get some points and we should be okay.

The Drivers’ Championship, we can at least, if we all run well here, we can lock it out for the last race.

That would be nice.

‘It would be amazing for Thani to win this race at home, he has never done it’.

There are no team orders, in fact, Thani and I were testing this morning and we were working on his lap and his line and trying to get his time where it needs to be.

The team is working hard to help him try and accomplish that.

‘It’s been windy, however it’s calmed down in the last few days’.

You test everyday and yet you never feel completely prepared, you still want to try something.

The weather forecast looks good although we have been working here for two weeks and we’ve had some changeable weather.

‘Our rivals have also been working very hard’.

Marit ran great in India, she’s a very good driver, her boat is suited to this race course and she did well here last year.

Victory Team has been working hard as well and we saw the improvement in their pace in India.

We are not sleeping and we understand that to get on top is hard and to stay on top is even harder.

As much as I want to win for myself, I want to win for the guys at Team Abu Dhabi to thank them’.

Thani, Erik and I are all fighting for our first World Championship and we have great equipment and a great team. 

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