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Torrente VS Andersson, AGAIN !

Frode Sundsdal on 16th December 2022

We have seen this before, and here we go again. So, whats the score this time ? Never been closer, 69 to Shaun Torrente and 66 to Jonas Andersson.

We have looked at the possibilities for Sundays race, and here is how it can turn out. If Torrente wins, he wins. Easy. Same goes for Jonas Andersson. If he wins, he will not loose it like last time in Sharjah when Shaun Torrente got enough points when Chiappe dropped out on the last lap.

The hypothesis made by Alex Cremona shows the different positions, and Torrente will win as long as the drivers and within 1 position of each other – but as soon as Jonas is ahead, and another driver is in between Shaun will loose it.


Shaun Torrente turned to FB earlier and said :


I love my boat, I love my team.. I love that this is never easy! Congrats to Jonas on his win! Today is done and we focus for Sunday! Gonna be a show, get your popcorn ready!


Jonas Andersson posted on FB as well ;


So happy for the win today, I want to take to opportunity to thank all my supporters both at home and here, in Sharjah. We will fight and do everything we can to stay on top on Sunday

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