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Trask coins it in

John Moore on 20th December 2017

In a joint statement from Grant Trask Racing and Bartercoin, the biggest sponsorship deal in Australian powerboat racing has been confirmed which will assist Grant Trask in his quest to become the UIM F1H2o World Champion writes Bob Carter.

Bartercoin Founder & CEO, Robert Tidy, has committed significant funds to support Grant Trask race on the 2018 F1H2o UIM World Championship as well as the Australian F1 series.

Trask’s Team in Sharjah Photo: Mike Powell

Robert Tidy commented on the partnership:

We have been watching Grant Trask’s perform overseas.
We are extremely impressed with what Grant and his all Australian team have achieved during their inaugural season on the world F1 circuit.
Grant has incredible courage, resolve and talent.
We believe that with the backing of Bartercoin, Grant and Bartercoin F1 will have the very best opportunity to realise his dream of becoming a world F1 Champion.
Robert Tidy said he enjoyed working closely with Grant Trask at the Sharjah race:
I was extremely impressed with the drive and passion that Grant has.
I put my decision to the Board following the Sharjah race and now we are the name rights sponsor of the team.
I’ve mentored and coached other international sports stars.
I see in Grant the same traits that these high achievers have.
His 7th place at Sharjah was an amazing effort both on and off the water.
Grant and his father Bob, made me feel so proud to be an Australian. I really believe that he can be a World F1 champion and in the process, be an amazing inspiration to all people.

Trask in Sharjah – Photo: Mike Powell

Trask is elated at the confirmation of the Bartercoin sponsorship.

The team is to be renamed Bartercoin F1 for both the 2018 UIM series and Australian F1 series.

Having Robert Tidy and Bartercoin backing us will make a huge difference to our 2018 Bartercoin F1 campaign.
With the additional funding we will be able to develop our engines, hulls and props that bit more and compete on a level playing field with the big European and UAE teams.
And with the backing of Bartercoin, the Bartercoin F1 will also be racing on the Australian F1 circuit.
This is extremely important to our development program.

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