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Trask ends season upbeat

John Moore on 19th December 2017

Grant Trask has completed his first ever full season on the F1H20 UIM World Championship with an impressive seventh place at the GP of Sharjah, writes Bob Carter.

Starting in pole position 18, Grant Trask was the model of speed and consistency to come across the finish line, having made up an incredible 11 places.

Grant Trask is the only Australian and the only disabled pilot contesting the 2017 World Championship.

Despite having gremlins to contend with through the practice then qualifying sessions at the Grand Prix of Sharjah, the team changed the engine prior to the race. The last-minute swap was a wise choice as during the GP, Grant Trask had as much speed as most of the field.

When the start lights turned green, Grant Trask made a stunning start off the dock with the DAC hull right on the pace. The aggressive and assertive driving by Trask right from the outset shows how much confidence Grant Trask has gained as the series has progressed.

Rather than hang back and see how the race develops, Grant Trask has the confidence and skill, to match it with the very best right from the start. After the very first lap, Grant Trask had moved up from pole position 18 to be running in 12th place. That opening sprint through the field takes genuine boat speed and talent behind the wheel.

By mid way through the 45 laps of the 2000 circuit, Grant Trask was comfortably holding down 11th position. He was right on the transom of F1 stars Marit Stromoy of Sweeden and American Shaun Torrente. The record books will show that the Torrente posted a DNF and Stromoy retired on lap 44.

Grant Trask relished the pace and the rough conditions to keep up his aggressive driving for the entire 45 laps.

When the chequered flag came out, Grant Trask was in 7 th position scoring 4 points in the Driver’s Championship.

Having contested all six rounds of the F1H20 UIM World Championship, Grant Trask, the Wonder From Down Under, scored points in three rounds and posted just a single DNF. He finished 13th in the field of 22 pilots in the F1H20 UIM Drivers World Championship.

As the inaugural season closes on a high, the 2108 series looms.

Team Manager Bob Trask said:

We have proven that we have the pace to run with the best.
At the GP of Sharjah our best lap time during the GP was 0.83 second off the fastest recorded. We’re right up here.
All of the objectives which we set ourselves for the first season, have been achieved.
Grant has gained an enormous amount of very valuable experience, racing against the best in the world. He has earned the respect of the other F1 pilots.
We know that our engines are very strong.
Now that we are back in Australia, we need to re-group and start our preparation for the 2018 F1H20 UIM World Championship.
There are exciting new venues, in particular London.
We are looking at running our own GTR F1 hull next season to give us an edge. And we are aiming to see Grant improve on his 2017 form and stand on the podium more than once.

Photos: Mike Powell

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