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UIM Class 3 European Championship – Nynäshamn

John Moore on 18th August 2016

The 2016 UIM Class 3 European Championship is being hosted in Nynäshamn, Sweden this weekend and classes A, B and C will compete over 2 races for coveted international titles.

The Nynäs Offshore Race will not only see 3 boats crowned as European Champions on Saturday evening but will also be celebrating its 50th year since its first race in 1966.

Anders Söderlund, the Event Director has presided over the Event for the last 25 years and is looking forward to the racing;

We have a good entry list, 9 boats in Class 3A, 7 boats in Class 3B and seven in Class 3C.

There was disappointment from the Swedish organisers and competitors that 2016 UIM 3A World Champion Jack Bobin couldn’t make the journey to Nynäshamn.

Bobin told me tonight;

I would have loved to be there, although my Mercury 4Stroke engine is still in bits after it was stripped down after the racing in Norway and they are not as simple to put back together as a 2 stroke!

Bobin won the UIM 3A World Championship using a Phantom 19G hull in Tvedestrand in early July, John Guille who designed the radical steps for the Phantom hull said this evening;

I was delighted that Jack won UIM Gold and Paul Etasse grabbed the Silver Medal, from the success in Norway, the Chris Parsonage team have rapidly built a new Phantom 19G for young Anton Modin in Sweden.
I can’t believe how quickly Per Bälter has rigged the boat, particularly when a tiny addition to the top of the steps was needed to make the boat fit the UIM cube rule and I can’t thank Ulf Brandstrom at Vaxholm Komposit enough for that work.

The weather is looking calm for the weekend and that will suit the Class 3B Twister Cats, although Dennis Söderman is praying for wind in his Ocke Mannerfelt B23 mono hull.

Fredrik Groth is looking a strong favourite in the B Class, although 2015 UIM 3B World Champions, Veronica Olderin and Kristina Coleman have a point to prove after under performing in Tvedestrand.

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