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UIM F2 – Sri Lanka cancelled

John Moore on 6th October 2018

What was to be the fifth and final round of the 2018 UIM F2 World Championship in Sri Lanka, has today been officially cancelled.

Giacomo Borgonovi, the Formula Committee Chairman officially notified the UIM this morning. 

Giacomo Borgonovi – sorry for the cancellation

He told Powerboat Racing World:

I am very sorry for the cancellation of the last round of the Formula 2 World Championship but I was left with no other choice as the deadlines agreed during the meeting held in Ribadouro were not fully met.

We had given the organisers a further 15 days to comply with the shipping requests and to send all the missing documentation required.

We are however still evaluating the opportunity to make a final round of F2 WC within the end of the year.

The F2 Teams Association did not feel that the Lanka Powerboat Association had dealt with the logistics of shipping the raceboats to their satisfaction and moreover missed an already extended payment deadline.

It isn’t over yet!

There is still a remote possibility that another venue will pick up the fifth round, however at this stage, that is thought to be highly unlikely.

Comparato Champion?

If a fifth and final round isn’t held it will mean that 21-year-old Italian, Alberto Comparato will become the 2018 UIM F2 World Champion.

He took wins in Kaunus, Lithuania and Tonsberg, Norway. Last month he drove a steady race at the Grand Prix of Portugal gaining a fifth place.

It’s clearly not how Comparato would want to win the Championship, however his driving this year has been impressive and he has displayed a maturity beyond his years.


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