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UIM GT15 – Smith is Going for Gold

John Moore on 15th June 2017

Britain’s Harvey Smith has been racing since 2012, but he hasn’t faced a bigger challenge in his  career until now.

This weekend the youngster from Warwickshire will take part in the 2017 UIM GT15 World Championship in Imatra, Finland against a mighty field of 30 international competitors from South Africa, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and the host nation.

Not only is there quantity in the line up, there is quality.

2015 UIM GT15 World and European Champion Stefan Arand from Estonia goes into the weekend as clear favourite.

For anyone that watched him last year will know that he is a formidable opponent, his driving at the European Championship held at Stewartby was outstanding.

Smith told me tonight;

It has given me a real boost that I come here currently leading the British GT15 Championship.
I can take that confidence into tomorrow’s qualification and the heats on Saturday and Sunday.

Smith is the junior member of  the F1 Atlantic team run by Duarte Benavente;

I really want to put in a good performance for F1 Atlantic, my sponsors and team mates, Duarte, Grant Trask, Jeremy Brisset and Stefan Hagin.

4 pilots from South Africa,  Heinrich Pieterse, Lea Sampson, Ashton Tope and Leigh-Anne Tope have made the long journey to Finland.

Smith concludes;

Having racers from South Africa makes the competition truly international and I’m pleased that my team could help them out with some racing equipment for this event.

Photo: Paul Breach

2017 UIM GT15 World Championship Imatra, Finland
# Pilot Nationality
1  Stefan Arand  EST
2  Georgi  Iljin  EST
3  Jonathan Nyman  FIN
5  Benjamin Vuorihovi  FIN
6  Renārs Eglītis  LAT
7  Kärol Soodla  EST
9  Harvey Smith  GBR
11  Sanna Aaslav-Kaasik  EST
15  Casper Westerlund  SWE
17  Roberts Minings  LAT
21  Heinrich Pieterse  RSA
22  Lea Sampson  RSA
23  Ashton Tope  RSA
24  Leigh-Anne Tope  RSA
27  Noel Vanttinen  FIN
31  Nils Slakteris  LAT
33  Lauris Badaukis  LAT
34  William Sjöström  SWE
45  Oliver Martin  FIN
47  Wilhelm Sundberg  FIN
50  Laura Lakovica  LAT
51  Miks Zaharcenoks  LAT
55  Adam Wrenkler  SWE
57  Filemon Sundberg  FIN
62  Alex Céwe  SWE
70  Hilmer Viberg  SWE
71  Mathilda Viberg  SWE
76  Arttu Saari  FIN
77  Endija Zaumane  LAT
83   Karlis Degainis  LAT
93  Ralts Parolis  LAT
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