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UIM Ratify Buzzi’s Monte Carlo to Venice Records

John Moore on 5th October 2019

Fabio Buzzi, Luca Nicolini and Eric Hoorn who all lost their lives after completing a Monte Carlo to Venice record attempt in September, have had their times posthumously ratified by the UIM.

The 2019 record team’s sole survivor Mario Invernizzi, set the record in September 2011 with the FB Design Kerakoll at 22 hours 13 minutes and 17 seconds, in 2016, Buzzi, Invernizzi, Hoorn, Antonio Binda and Stefano Gibelli lowered the time to 22 hours 5 minutes and 42 seconds in a MTU powered FB 60.

On the 17th of September, the team of Buzzi, Nicolini, Hoorn and Invernizzi obliterated that time in the former Gran Argentina boat. The FPT powered hull averaged 61.48 mph and navigated the trip in 18 hours, 33 minutes and 30 seconds.

The UIM has ratified 2 records, the outright Monte Carlo to Venice and over 30′ and up to 50′.

Both Fabio Buzzi and Luca Nicolini were laid to rest in Italy last Saturday.

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