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UIM Reveals New Formula Chairman

fredrik on 23rd October 2023

The International Federation General Assembly, held in Amsterdam, has been characterized by a lack of news and updates. However, one significant development has emerged – Pelle Larsson has been appointed as the new Formula Chairman. In a letter addressed to the Council, Larsson expressed his excitement and dedication to the role.

Larsson, who has been involved in powerboat racing for over five decades, made the decision to step away from his UIM assignments in 2023. He acknowledged that there is a life beyond racing and focused on organizing circuit racing and offshore racing in Sweden. However, Larsson admitted that he missed his involvement in UIM and Formula Committee. Soon after Christopher Loney’s departure as Formulae Committee Chairman, Larsson received an offer from Thomas Kurth to return to UIM. Following thoughtful consideration, Larsson chose to accept the invitation.

Larsson outlined several key points to address in the future of powerboat racing. One of the main challenges highlighted was the decline in participants in the sport, except for championship races. Additionally, Larsson acknowledged the growing importance of environmental concerns in the industry. He stressed the need to work towards sustainable growth and develop a class with a strong financial foundation. Larsson also mentioned the importance of creating a calendar that works logistically for both European and non-European events, as well as organizing standout arrangements that capture attention.

In terms of future plans, Larsson expressed his eagerness to begin his work for UIM and the Formulae Committee as soon as possible, with a projected timeline of two to three years.

Overall, the UIM General Assembly in Amsterdam was relatively quiet in terms of news, with the exception of Pelle Larsson’s appointment as the new Formula Chairman. Larsson’s return to UIM and his expressed dedication to developing the sport of powerboat racing were the primary highlights of the event. The Formulae Committee under Larsson’s leadership will focus on addressing the challenges facing the sport, including declining participation, environmental concerns, and the need for financial stability.

Mr Paulo Ferraira congratulated Pelle Larsson on the democratic nomination.

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