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UKOPRA Records Set In A Rough Solent

John Moore on 29th September 2019

In what can only be described as, ‘extreme conditions’, an inaugural Speed Weekend organised by the Classic Offshore Powerboat Club, (COPC) under the sanction of UKOPRA was held outside of Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight yesterday.

Record attempts were made by offshore racing boats that have competed in this season’s UKOPRA championships, and with very strong winds, it was amazing that the organisers could put together some runs for the boats!

Andy, Dan and Matt Smith with Jack Weller established a UKOPRA Offshore 1 record with their Buzzi RIB, Pippa at 83.18525 mph.

Drew Langdon and Miles Jennings’ Silverline, attempted to get to the event, although sadly they suffered with cooling issues on the trip from Lymington and couldn’t take part.

Markus Hendricks also fell foul with engine problems before crossing the Solent.

Dorian Griffith pushed his Yanmar powered Fountain through the rough to Offshore 2 record at 76.34987 mph.

Thomas and Ray Pelham driving The Beaver Returns established a UKOPRA Class 3N record with an average speed of 59.77608 mph while Vin Burdock and John Donnelly in Quantum of Solace took the UKOPRA Class 3X record at 68.34676 mph.

On the final run of the day Malc Dopson captured the UKOPRA Class 3 A/B record at an impressive 72.12384 mph.

Due to increasing winds today, it was deemed unsafe for any more record breaking, however, with a positive response from spectators and competitors, the event is expected to be held next year.

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