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Magnificent 6 for Motul Monster

Frode Sundsdal on 20th August 2022

Motul Monster won the Trinidad & Tobago Great Race for a seventh time today.

The crew of Joey & Joshua Sabeeney and Peter & Daniel Peake completed the race in an hour and ten minutes on a course that started by the Mucurapo Foreshore in Trinidad and finished in Store Bay, Tobago.

Joey Sabeeney told the Trinidad & Tobago Guardian after the race:

This was a very special win, we had a couple of things against us.


We blew an outdrive on Monday while testing which is not something that can be repaired, but the Pollonais brothers, Jason and Scott, were very kind to lend us an outdrive off of one of their race boats as they were not racing this year, and we got the boat back up and running.


After Shodo going up the north coast, we started to experience low oil pressure and we suddenly got a little smoke in the canopy which was a little scary but we managed to make it to Tobago.


The oil pressure just kept on dropping and dropping.


The conditions in the gulf were a little choppy.


The condition in the Boca was a bit calm, I was surprised but as we made progress up the north coast after Maracas, the water started to get rough.


There was water from every angle, from every direction, three feet, two feet, four feet with white caps here and there.


And coming across the shallows wasn’t too bad either, but at that point, we just wanted to reach Tobago because the oil pressure kept on dropping and we started to wonder if we would make it.

2022 Trinidad & Tobago Great Race Class winners

130 mph / Motul Monster

120 mph / Ironman

80 mph / Mobil Outlaw

70 mph / Ketch This

60 mph / Limitless

G2 Cruiser Class / Trendsetter

G1 Cruiser Class / Fire Chief

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