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US F1 encourages younger people into the sport

Frode Sundsdal on 14th October 2022

The US F1 PowerBoat Championship series will be rolling-out their inaugural youth education programe to coincide with the racing at Lake Havasu this weeken.Next Monday, October 17th, over 430 students from 7th grade of the Thunderbolt Middle School will receive a visit from Tim and Debbie Seebold, Chris Rinker, Rick Hoffman and other organisers from the series to educate them on various areas of the sport.These will include 5 unique educational pods for an in depth look into powerboat racing’s inner workings.* Mechanical- Boat & Engine Equipment unique functions and overview.* Safety- Boat construction, safety capsule, Driver Equipment with visual aids.* Driving- How and what it feels video along with drivers’ explanation of the boats unique characteristics.* Team- Members and their Jobs, how they all work together to accomplish a unified goal.* Race Management- Team members responsibilities and how they work together to produce the events.

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