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Victory Team head to the Keys

Chris Davies on 3rd November 2018

The Victory Team will be racing at this week’s 38th Annual Super Boat International (SBI) Key West World Championships scheduled to be held from November 4 to 11.

The Key West World Championships are scheduled to start with a parade of race boats in Duval Street.

The two boats – Victory 3 and Victory 33 will compete in 3 races in the Superboat Unlimited class on November 7, 9 and 11.

Salem Al Adidi will team up with John Tomilson in Victory 33 and Eisa Al Ali will have 8 time Class 1 World Champion Steve Curtis by his side in Victory 3.

Held for more than three decades now, the SBI Championship, the Brainchild of John Carbonell, is considered to be one of the most challenging races for dual-engine powerboats.

With just two operative rules, the boat length has to be from 42 to 50 feet and the engine power must match or exceed 1,500 hp – Victory Team’s two boats will have their task cut out during the week.

Huraiz Bin Huraiz, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Victory Team was clear on the objectives of the team’s participation in a North American racing series for the first time-ever:

Our debut in Clearwater in the last week of September was very important for us to ascertain where we stand.

We were definitely headed for a spot on the podium till a wayward swimmer went onto the course of the race and all proceedings had to be stopped.

We have used this vital experience from that race to our advantage and hopefully we will be there aiming for the podium.

The Victory Team boats will be the only two without any modifications done as the Key West series is eyeing a major overhaul of rules concerning engine power.

We have the perfect package for racing in this series with the new rules in operation next season.

Next year, the engine power will be limited to 1100 hp per engine or 2200 hp overall for all boats and we will go into the season with a distinct advantage.

But right now it is about this race and we are confident our duo of Emirati world champions will do well alongside world-class drivers like Steve [Curtis] and John [Tomilson].

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